Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pssst ... I know what you want.

You need inspired writing that communicates your message. That's what I do.

A published magazine feature and copy writer, certified in Public Relations, I've honed my corporate & creative communications skills and can write in any style and for any niche.

I have itchy fingers, lightning-fast typing speeds, a penchant for accuracy and an addiction to the pure joy of the written word.
Dr. Suess is my personal hero. Yup, that makes me a word nerd.

Also -- I'm trying to give up coffee. (That's not going so well.)

I've written nearly everything, including: press releases, script synopses, ad copy, children's fiction, magazine features, web copy, even legal documents. I am considered to be discerning, professional, discreet, talented ... and oh, humble too.

If you are looking for copy that is fresh and friendly; well, I think you've arrived.

Let's chat.

Recently published ...

If you live in Ontario, Canada you can pick up the current copy of Wedding Essentials magazine. Yours truly had a great time working with their ace team and my articles and copy are sprinkled throughout the issue. Planning a winter wedding? Lots of great stuff inside!