Friday, January 6, 2012

Getting Married? Get the Essentials to Plan Your Perfect Wedding!

Fresh off the presses, the newest issue of Canada's best indie wedding magazine is now available in Ontario. If you are a bride planning your wedding for this or next year, you need to pick up your copy of the Winter/Spring issue.

Learn the newest bridal trends out of New York City and how to add big-city glamour to your day!

Find the prettiest flowers without breaking your budget!

And learn how to calm down and feel zen, even in the midst of the chaos of wedding planning!

All this and more in fun and practical articles, including photos of beautiful real brides -- just like you.

Brain Fit! Book on Preventing Dementia now on Amazon Best Sellers List!

So pleased to see that Brain Fit! is currently ranked #5 on Amazon in its category!

Congrats to client Dr. Jenny Brockis on the successful launch of her new book! I was proud to be a part of this smart, helpful guide to maintaining and improving mental acuity as we age.

Taking preventative action against dementia can be as easy as a few lifestyle and nutritional changes and can impact our future brain health greatly. Grab your copy today!